My 2017 Music Review

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2017 followed closely in the footsteps of 2016, i.e. just as much of a dodgy year in many world wide respects, but again, not in gigs for me … yet another good one!

Best Gigs –

My Gig of the Year award goes to … Radiohead at Glasgow Green.  Simply the best band in the world, stunning. My only 10/11 rating of 2017.

I had four 9/11s, which were great , but get the ‘close but no cigar’ award … and in chronological order  –

8.5/11s included finally getting to see Mugison , and great shows from Kagoule, Sam Coomes and July Talk .

Best Albums

Not too many albums really struck me this year but the clear stand out was Music For People In Trouble by Susanne Sundfør. What a tremendous collection of simple but powerful songs. Very meaningful and important to me in 2017.

Honourable album mentions to –

Best New Discovered Artists

I’d heard about Susanne Sundfør but not paid much attention until John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux  festival in Hull during April.  What a revelation, and she became by far my most listened to artist of 2017.  How could I have missed her ’til now?  What a find! See Susanne Sundfør – CCA, Glasgow – 3 Oct 2017

Honourable new discovery mentions to –

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