Peter Hook & The Light – Barrowlands, Glasgow – 28 July 2022

A long but enjoyable day in Glasgow started with a special Q&A session with Hooky at guitarguitar just down the road from Barrowlands. Entertaining as always and heard some new funny anecdotes prompted by some interesting questions! A great character and a guy pretty influential in the lives of all his fans like me. Just along the road is the amazing Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre that I just had to visit after the beautiful music it inspired in Maeve Gilchrist (will see and say more in future).

Then … see him again shortly after with quite a few more people in a packed Barrowlands Ballroom. This time also for a bit longer … 3 hours start to finish! :- firstly a 45 minute starter set of New Order songs; then the 2 main courses being the 2 Joy Division albums, ’Unknown Pleasures’ and ’Closer’ end to end in their entirety; finished off by an encore dessert of 4 non album track Joy Division songs, obviously with ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ to close. 

Great band and really good delivery just like the last time I saw him, but this time with all the Joy Division songs I love instead of the New Order stuff that never moved me much in the past. Such a long time on my feet though, don’t know where he gets the energy from. I’ll never be allowed to complain about playing 26 songs a night again!

Attended by – George, Chris, Louis, Neil and Trish

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The Postcards – Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh – 23 July 2022

A great couple of sets at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh on Sunday. Thanks to everyone that came down. And danced! And sang! Definitely our favourite Binkies gig so far.

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Hanley & The Baird – Kings Live Lounge, Kirkcaldy – 22 July 2022

After Edinburgh … next stop Kirkcaldy! Thanks to all who attended and helped out especially Eve Davidson for being our special guest. Same set as Edinburgh worked even better. What a great crowd and a real party atmosphere. Can’t wait to get back to gig in Fife again.

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Hanley & The Baird – Hive, Edinburgh – 15 July 2022

The first of a two gig East of Scotland ‘tour’ at Hive. Thanks to everyone who came out and Paul Gilbody for opening for us. One new original song ‘Motorway Song’ sounded great and two new covers in ‘From Now On’ and a belting encore version of ‘Atomic”. Really enjoyed that, cheers all! 

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The Postcards – Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh – 28 June 2022

We were back at Whistlebinkies last night for another double set. Three new songs debuted including the 12” version of “Don’t You Forget About Me”, and a very enjoyable “Disco 2000”. Thanks to all the people that came along and also to Michael on the sound desk at Binkies.  

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Sing In The City – Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 19 June 2022

What a great occasion to be part of the twice postponed SITC all choirs show we have all been preparing for up to 3 years! A privilege to play on such a big stage at such a famous venue with a great band and 350 enthusiastic and well coached singers who performed beautifully for us all. What a great laugh too, everyone excited but enjoying the whole unique experience.

Also great to meet and hear the wonderful Kirsten Adamson singing one of her own lovely songs then a gorgeous rendition of her late father Stuart’s famous Big Country song ‘In A Big Country’ accompanied by the Aw Blacks choir … unforgettable.

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Penelope Isles – Hidden Door, Edinburgh – 17 June 2022

This was the only night I could make of this great 2 weeks festival at the temporarily made music venue at the old Royal High school. An amazing building and a great effort turning it into a magical home for so much music, dance and also art exhibitions. Met up with Andy and Jude and wandered around. Stumbled across the very special Imogen Stirling in a downstairs basement performing spoken poetry from her book ‘Love The Sinner’. Very impressive and not surprised since I saw her last year. Watch out for her! 

Wandered along to the stunning Central Chamber to see the end of So Long And Slender dance performance. Very impressed, great ideas and visuals. The into the Indoor Music Stage to catch some of Flo Perlin … nice but not wowed. Then out to the main outdoor stage for a bit of Dana Gavanski, again nice but not wowed.  

Eventually got in to the indoor stage to see the band I was most looking forward to, Penelope Isles. Loved them since just before Covid and was impressed by their new songs and band members joining Lily and Jack. Superb. Caught another wee bit outside of headliner This Is The Kit. Favourites of Andy and Jude and though I agree Kate Stables is great … not my cup of tea. 

But The Joy Hotel are exactly my cup of tea and rounded off the night in fine style for me with a rousing set back indoors. A really great band with 7 members full of good ideas and energy. Love them and will see again soon.

Attended by George, Andy & Jude

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Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers – Broadcast, Glasgow – 12 June 2022

To cut a long story short, I booked to see Jon Spencer from USA only because my drumming hero Janet Weiss from Skeater-Kinney was in his band with Sam Coombes. Sam and Janet have a great two piece band Quasi who were going to play support. Magic, always wanted to see them. Shortly before their UK tour started it was announced that Quasi would not be supporting. Bummer. Oh well still see them in Jon’s band ‘The Hitmakers’.  Arrived at Broadcast … left handed drum-kit on stage … no Janet, obviously missing the whole European tour. Dammit! Janet! Gutted. 

Putting my disappointment aside, I decided to stay and first enjoyed a spirited support set from Glasgow’s own Ellis Hurley from Pandas with Pandas guitarist Oran McBride. Great stuff. Will have to watch out for them.

I’d heard a lot about Jon before and he delivered exactly the kind of garagey rock-n-roll intensity I expected, ably supported by Sam and the others. But though I enjoyed it ok, I thought it was all a bit samey even though an enthusiastic packed crowd loved it.

Attended by George

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The Postcards – Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh – 22 May 2022

Our 2nd show of the weekend at Whistlebinkies tonight. Loads of fun, and it was good to bring back Prefab Sprout’s Bonny into the set after a long absence. Tonight’s “first” was the emergence of line dancing, (to Sit Down by James) , never had that before! Cheers to all those that came down x

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The Postcards – The Bungalow, Paisley – 21 May 2022

Back at The Bungalow in Paisley last night for an hour of 80s classics and an infiltrator from the 90’s. Thanks to all those who came down and hope you enjoyed the rest of the 80s club night!

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