My Music

I’ve not got much in the way of my own recordings on here just now, because most of the music I’ve got to share at the moment is on the pages for The Postcards, The Big Light, Rachel Edwards and my old band AVO-8. But I am working on more  so watch this space. In the meantime, a few examples here ….

And a recent remix for Man Of Moon of their great song ‘Skin’ ….

2 Responses to My Music

  1. Andrew Lee says:

    Hi George, ‘spoke’ briefly on YouTube and very jealous of you having got into genesis just a year or two before I did, obviously!
    Anyway, having seen your site I thought you may be interested to know my son Chris is in a band in London, a duo called night ride, electro pop with angst really!
    They’ve got a few songs down now and about four recorded properly. Their working with a producer in London and a promoter, but it’s bloody slow going! Anyway, check out their Facebook page. Chris is the singer, with the fair hair!
    Cheers, Andy Lee


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