My Music

I’ve only a few of my own recordings on here just now, because most of the music I’ve got to share at the moment is on the pages for other artists. But I am working on more  so watch this space. In the meantime, a few examples here with a variety of styles ! ….

2 Responses to My Music

  1. Andrew Lee says:

    Hi George, ‘spoke’ briefly on YouTube and very jealous of you having got into genesis just a year or two before I did, obviously!
    Anyway, having seen your site I thought you may be interested to know my son Chris is in a band in London, a duo called night ride, electro pop with angst really!
    They’ve got a few songs down now and about four recorded properly. Their working with a producer in London and a promoter, but it’s bloody slow going! Anyway, check out their Facebook page. Chris is the singer, with the fair hair!
    Cheers, Andy Lee


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