Skating Polly – Broadcast, Glasgow – 31 July 2017

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Skating Polly are a young band from Tacoma, USA. I’ve been aware of them for a while and this gig was a break from their tour supporting Kate Nash, too good to miss and I’m glad I went through to Glasgow. Formed in Oklahoma by step sisters Peyton and Kelli when they were just 14 and 9 … they are not much older now but have progressed from twee but original tunes to more powerful post punk with the addition of brother Kurtis on drums.

Not quite sure what to expect but I was impressed as howls of noise gave way to energetic riffs with melodic vocals and interesting lyrics. They can play big and loud but the tunes are always there. Peyton leads the music and Kurt adds beefy beats, but it’s younger sister Kelli that grabs most attention, a supernova of energy and a blur of movement. Well impressed!

Apologies for rubbish pics … odd lighting, phone camera and much sweatiness!

8/11 Attended by George

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