Susanne Sundfør – CCA, Glasgow – 3 Oct 2017

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I saw Susanne for the first time in Hull in May. I liked the show, but only after I had listened to her albums did I start to get into her music. I’ve hardly listened to anyone else since! Her latest album ‘Music For People In Trouble’ is a return to her original quieter, folky style, but is full of great songs and her lyrics have really grown in maturity and impact. She is a truly wonderful singer, songwriter and musician.

I suppose I was hoping this show would not be a straight repeat of Hull, but it pretty much was. But this time there were many more songs and I knew them all well, which really helped my enjoyment. I also managed my way right to the front, and in such a relatively small venue, turned it into an intimate show with lots of good natured chat between Susanne and the audience. Typical Glasgow!

Just got tickets to see her yet again in London next March, possibly with more backing musicians and bigger production. Consider me a proper fan now!

9/11 – Attended by George

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