Idles – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 25 March 2017

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What a brilliant show from the really exciting Idles from Bristol. They have been playing their heavy post-punk songs for about 8 years now while passing me by, but only now with the launch of their debut album ‘Brutalism’ was I lucky enough to come across them and Sneaky Pete’s was buzzing with anticipation. Andy chatted to bass player Adam at the merch and they all seemed really friendly and bantery with their fans and were buzzing for the gig too.

Though we all expected it, it was still a shock to see guitarist with the ‘tash Mark Bowen strip to his underpants before the set had even started! The amount of energy and sweat generated shows he’s maybe not so daft … though he still comes across as a bit daft! And humour is a big part of their attraction, complementing the edgy intelligence and politics of the lyrics and the ferocity of the music. What a great combination and the crowd loved it. You might spot us near the front in this video, thanks John McMurtrie! Must catch them again soon.

9/11 Attended by George & Andy

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