Hafdís Huld – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 11 April 2017

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Though I’m a huge fan of Icelandic music, I had managed to completely miss the delightful Hafdís Huld, which is crazy because she’s been around for years and is pretty popular. A contemporary of another of my Icelandic favourites Emiliana Torrini, and there are simililarities … who knew? Well, now I know and I’m happy about that. So glad I went to see her and a busy Sneaky Pete’s loved her too!

Hafdís has a fair back catalogue but quite a long set included many from her new album ‘Dare To Dream Small’. Her songs are generally light and playful, nothing too deep here, but warm and enjoyable. She is a lovely singer, accompanied brilliantly by her partner Alisdair Wright, but the evening is made by her charming and funny introduction stories that explain the lyrics perfectly. She is such a character, daft as a brush as we say, and had us laughing all the time. A new favourite!

7.5/11 Attended by George

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