Music Producer in Edinburgh

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I’m a creative, experienced and versatile musician, arranger, recording engineer and producer with my own compact but quality recording studio. Your dream is to produce great recordings of your music. My dream is to help you achieve your dream! What can I do for you? A single song, an EP, an album?  Talk to me about your budget and I’ll work with you to agree what we can make happen.

Producing, arranging, recording, performing, mixing, mastering, handling session musicians, artwork, CD production, On-line streaming … It can all seem very complicated and daunting. My passion is taking often inexperienced artists along on a simple, fun journey through that process, in a way that works best for them, not me, to produce recordings they can be proud of and that really stand out.

If you just want to record, that’s great. But my speciality is working with singers, songwriters and small groups to create custom designed versions of their songs with unique arrangements and added instrumentation. Taking a raw idea right through to a bigger and more polished result. Imagine your simple acoustic guitar based song with special and exciting backing including drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and orchestral instruments. That’s what I love doing and not many studios offer.

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and the process I follow here

For example I arranged, engineered, recorded, programmed, played the instruments, mixed and produced a 5 song EP for a lovely singer Rachel Edwards. Have a listen to some examples from my varied portfolio below or read more here about Rachel. Also listen to more on My Music page and The Big Light page.

‘I had the pleasure of working with George on a dream I had held and never fulfilled … to record my own album in a professional recording studio. George helped me realise that and what a fantastic experience! I recorded an EP and George helped me understand each stage of the recording and production process … so it was beyond what I dreamed of as it was an educational journey as well as achieving the polished end result. George is a talented singer and musician as well as a producer and helped to really enrich the quality of my recordings. I was so pleased with the whole experience that I’m thinking of doing my next EP now! Thanks George’ Rachel Edwards

If you have any ideas or dreams that I could help you with, feel free to get in touch via Contact form below!

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