Lizabett Russo Trio – Traverse Theatre Bar, Edinburgh – 13 March 2017

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect having only seen the odd video, but this gig was set up by the estimable Douglas and Jane-Anne of the Soundhouse, so I trusted in their taste and was so glad I did.  I’m also quietly proud that such an interesting and special artist as Lizabett, who has travelled extensively, is basing herself for a while in Scotland, a bit different from her native Transylvania, Romania!

Her musical background may well have been a key contribution to the uniqueness of the combination of her voice and quite complex compositions. You think you know where a song is going, then it goes somewhere else … sometimes coming back! Really intriguing and memorable. Great accompaniment from her trio too augmented on guitar for the second half by Graham Stephen who’s jazzy colours added another dimension.  Must catch her again soon.

8/11 Attended by George

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