Jennie Abrahamson – The Lexington, London – 11 March 2017

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The three occasions of the release of Jennie’s great new album Reverseries, her tour arriving in London, and Mhairi’s 22nd birthday all came happily together … so off to London we flew for a great weekend, topped by this superb show!  I’ve been a big fan of Jennie’s beautiful voice and tremendous songs since I first saw her singing with Ane Brun 8 years ago at that  incredible night for me in Feb 2009.  Two years ago at the Lexington was the first time I’d seen her with her own band  and here I was again, but expecting a bigger and better set which she certainly delivered! (See set list below)

Jennie not only has a pure and captivating voice but has a catalogue of strong songs and great live performing experience from touring with her own band, Ane Brun, Peter Gabriel and Sting.   That confidence gained is obvious and along with a super band makes for a lovely combination and a brilliant set. I’m such a fanboy though, I sang all the words! Awesome.

SET LIST – To The Water,  Safe Tonight, You Won Me Over, Wolf, Bloodlines, Hard To Come By, Man In You, I Lost My Heart, In This Life To Live, Not In My Name , Summer, Snowstorm, Phoenix

9/11 Attended by George, Karen & Mhairi

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