Radiohead – TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow Green – 7 July 2017

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This was the first day of the new TRNSMT festival, a potential replacement for T in the Park, and though I saw lots of bands I was really only there to see the best band in the world … Radiohead! I was there the last time they played Glasgow Green in 2009. That was a great experience and this one was every bit as good, if not better.

A 2hr 10min set sounds long and hard work, but it was far from that, instead the time just flew by through a great set celebrating the best of their catalogue including many of my absolute favourite songs. Apart from the odd altercation, the crowd were magnificent and sang along beautifully, what a great bunch of singers, at best the combination was really moving. As always Radiohead played perfectly, reproducing the songs superbly with some subtle variations and the sound was excellent. All brilliant musicians, Thom Yorke the focal point, but such a clear sound let me hear perfectly just how good Colin Greenwood is on bass, genius. The visuals provided by the enormous backdrop were also simply astounding.

Radiohead have an undeserved reputation for being serious and depressing, but I couldn’t stop smiling and bopping along like most of the crowd. At the end of their second multi song encore they finished with ‘Karma Police’ and the audience (and my) singing of the ‘I lost myself’ refrain carried through the end of the set and for a long time afterwards while everyone wended their way home. Simply a wonderful day!

10/11 – Attended by George, Andy, Jude, Douglas

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