Next Gigs

If I didn’t write them down here I’d never remember –

  • Rescheduling – Wed 13 May, Stanley Odd, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh (got 2 tix)
  • Rescheduling – Sat 23 May, Rosalie Cunningham, Sneaky Pete’s (got 1 ticket)
  • Fri 18 Sept, Elvana, Liquid Room, Edinburgh (got 2 tickets)
  • Mon 19 Oct, Girl Band, SWG3, Glasgow (got 1 ticket)
  • Thu 22 Oct, Dry Cleaning, The Caves, Edinburgh
  • Fri 30 Oct, Peaness, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
  • Sun 8 Nov, Steve Hackett, Playhouse, Edinburgh (Andy has got my ticket)
  • Tue 8 Dec, Ane Brun, St Lukes, Glasgow (got 2 tickets)
  • Wed 27 Jan 21, Squid, Summerhall, (got 2 tickets)
  • Mon 19 Apr, Suede, Usher Hall, Edinburgh (got 3 tix – me, Neil and Chris)
  • Fri 23 April, Nightingales, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (got 1 ticket)
  • Sat 22 May, Great Eastern Festival, Edinburgh (got 2 tickets)
  • Fri 22 Oct, The Skids, Liquid Room, Edinburgh (got 1 ticket)

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