John Grant, Sóley & Ghostdigital – North Atlantic Flux, Hull – 30 April 2017

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I found out about the North Atlantic Flux Scandinavian music festival through my liking for Mugison and Sóley, but was intrigued by the music of event curator John Grant and am a fan of Einar Örn of Ghostdigital since the early days of the Sugarcubes … so to get three in the one show was too good to miss! A long day of ‘festivalling’ also let me see Tom Kay, Equis, Eva-Lina and the amazing Nils Bech from Norway who I enjoyed greatly.

Hull City Hall was the venue for the main event of the festival opened by Ghostdigital from Iceland. Music man Curver’s heavy electronic, industrial drum’n’bass music isn’t my style but the manic dancing, vocalisations and stories of Einar Örn Benediktsson are irresistable and we were all carried along to a standing ovation. In contrast Sóley, also from Iceland, played a relaxed solo show with just her piano and loop station. Most songs from new album ”Endless Summer’ were intricate piano pieces with lovely melodies from her delicate voice. Enchanting.

John Grant was the curator and public face of the festival, originally from USA now living in Iceland. He clearly has a big fan base in England and there was much love in the room for him. I was in the second row surrounded by some of his biggest fans who were delirious with joy! I like his voice and great lyrics so will watch out for more. I can be seen clapping at 1:42 in the video below! A great night all round. Bravo Hull, UK City of Culture indeed!

8/11 Attended by George

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