Girl Band – Summerhall, Edinburgh – 26 Jan 2017

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Wow! I don’t usually enjoy ‘moshing’, but with such a glorious noise and a fantastically enthusiastic, but unusually considerate moshpit, it would have been rude not to! Barely managed to stay on my feet for the whole duration of a brilliant set from a band I’d been waiting to see for quite a while.

I struggle to describe Girl Band from Dublin but someone called it ‘avant-garde noise turbulence’ and that is better than I can do (see videos below, you can see me and Andy in the clip from Summerhall!).  No riffs here. No traditonal musical guitar, bass, drum playing or singing here, all are used to make extreme effects laden noises which are layered up to make something like music.  A pretty unique and special sound. Tremendous dynamics too, with the band building and dropping the intensity of the songs matching up to a crescendo of audience moshing. Smashing!

9/11 Attended by George & Andy

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