Ane Brun – Academy 2, Glasgow – 27 Feb 2009

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Surfing the internet for music videos in the good old days of 2009, I came across the ‘Fabchannel’, which shared videos filmed at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. I was attracted by live videos of the B52s, then discovered the wonders of Emiliana Torrini … but then was completely blown away by a live set from the unheard of in UK Ane Brun. Wow! The site was closed down very soon after,  but I managed to download the video (see here) and watched it enchanted for months until I spotted she was coming to Glasgow.  I could not contain my excitement!

The Academy 2 is the small room above the major venue in Glasgow, quite an intimate setting. Arriving late I still managed to see the short but memorable sets from Jennie Abrahamson and Rebekka Karijord before Ane came on. They joined her as backing singers …  her ‘Diamonds’ as she called them, and I agree! After a few songs at the back I joined a few brave souls who ventured forward to sit on the floor at the front, right under her feet. What a privelege to see an artist just discovering her most powerful songs with her just released ‘Changing of the Seasons’ being one of my all time favourite albums. A religious like experience I’ll never forget. Possibly my best ever gig? Pretty hard to beat. Incredible!

10/11 Attended by George

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