Jennie Abrahamson – Rich Mix, London – 29 Oct 2018

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I could not miss the enchanting Jennie on this, the only UK date of her ‘Reverseries Solo’ tour. She is so multi-talented. A wonderful singer, musician, songwriter, arranger, producer .. and I had seen her twice quite recently with a full band, so I wondered how she would reproduce the more complex of her songs?

Well partly using a bewildering array of instruments and technology. She was like an octopus at times playing keyboards, bass pedals, pads and effects pedals like a carefully choreographed dance. So cleverly done, no distraction from the spell of the songs. Some use of samples of course, but mainly live, augmented with touches to bring the busier songs to full life. Many songs used just her keyboards though and all featured her spectacular voice. Though her full band shows were more powerful for me, this was a lovely contrast. The 10th time I’ve seen Jennie perform and I couldn’t recommend her more! Loved it.

My note of the superb set list was … To The Water, Lights, You Won Me Over, Running, Bloodlines, Wolf, Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush), Not In My Name, Man In You, Lift Me Up (Bruce Springsteen), Snowstorm, Phoenix, Into Deep, Summer, Falling.

Attended by George

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