Jennie Abrahamson – The Lexington, London – 19 Feb 2015

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I’d seen Jennie 7 times before … But only as a backing singer to Ane Brun and Peter Gabriel, not as headline act with her own band. I’m such a big fan I had to put that right, so it had to be London, the closest to Edinburgh on her European tour!

The show was part of the ‘Ja Ja Ja’ club night showcasing Nordic artists at The Lexington, a really cool small venue. ‘Mont Oliver’ from Denmark were first up and I was most impressed with their melodic electronica so I’ll watch out for them again. ‘Psyence Fiction’ from Norway next were a different kind of sound but good in other ways. Strong songs with some wry humour in the lyrics.

With all the setting up and down each band only had limited time which was a pity. I could have enjoyed much more of them all especially Jennie from Sweden who could only fit in 8 songs (as far as a I can remember) … ‘Snowstorm’, ‘The War’, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Entity’,’In This Life to Live’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Hole In You’ and ‘Why Did I Leave Home’. But a great 8 songs all the same!

Jennie’s singing is always perfect, she has a great way of holding an audience and her band are superb – Johannes Berglund on Bass Synth and enthusiasm makes a big difference to the songs, Micke Häggström is inventive and powerful on drums and Samuel Starck has all the keyboard fills to complement Jennie on her illuminated plexiglas Xylophone. Just Magic!

8/11 Attended by George




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