My 2015 Music Review


Best : Sufjan StevensThe Playhouse, Edinburgh – 30 August 2015

A good year for great gigs but no obvious stand-out. I scored 6 acts at 9/11 with no 10s this year. So hard to choose, Kagoule really made it difficult, but the accolade has to go to Sufjan Stevens. Wasn’t expecting to be so enchanted and moved. Well done sir, well done indeed !


Close to best :
KagouleSneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 9 Dec 2015
Ane BrunOran Mor, Glasgow – 6 Dec 2015
FFSFestival Theatre, Edinburgh – 24 August 2015
HappynessSneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 8 May 2015
First Aid KitThe Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 19 Jan 2015


Best : ‘Urth’ – Kagoule

Not such a great albums year for me which made ‘Urth’ stand out so obviously. What a debut. Every track a winner. A band I expect to continue to go from strength to strength.


‘Weird Little Birthday’ – Happyness
‘No Cities To Love’ – Sleater-Kinney
‘Bones & Longing ‘ – Gemma Hayes
‘When I’m Free’ – Ane Brun
‘Carrie & Lowell’ – Sufjan Stevens
‘Vulnicura’ – Bjork
‘Ask the Deep’ – Soley


2015 Favourite Artists & Discoveries

As above, Awesome band and no.1 2015 discovery for me.
Don’t know how I missed this band before, and sadly missed their Glasgow gig in May … Doh! Been listening, buying up back catalogue and YouTubing them ever since. Tremendous!
The Joy Formidable
Great Welsh band that I won’t miss on tour next year. This Ladder is Ours probably my favourite official video of 2015.
So happy to have found out about Happyness. Another Sneaky Pete’s winner. Can’t wait to see what they get up to next.


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