Kagoule – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 9 Dec 2015

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I thought I might like Kagoule but was delighted to discover they are completely awesome. Kagoule are a young band from Nottingham: Cai – guitar and vocals;  Lucy – bass and vocals; Lawrence – Drums. Maybe my top find of 2015!

What can I say to describe their music? Inventive, quirky, melodic and HEAVY! A modern take on the old ‘loud, quiet, loud’ style but that is right up my street anyway! A very impressive combination of power and delicacy, and at the end of a two month long world tour they were tight as a gnat’s chuff. Visual presence too, moving right into it just like the busy and appreciative crowd. The band say they like Sneaky Pete’s too, quite right!

I bought their ‘Urth’ CD from Lucy after the show and I’ve been playing it non stop since. Every song a winner. Top album of 2015. I hope to see them up this way again very soon.

9/11 Attended by George


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