First Aid Kit – The Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 19 Jan 2015

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Klara and Johanna Söderberg have come a long way since the first time I saw them at tiny Sneaky Pete’s on their first UK tour to now selling out the Usher Hall and large venues around the world. That success is well deserved for their precocious talents and sheer hard work so I was so proud to see them be a big deal in my home town!

The fact that they paid a celebrity visit to Edinburgh’s first cat cafe ‘Maison de Moggy’ earlier in the day just made me smile all the more (see pics in slideshow above) as did their now customary drinking of Irn Bru on stage!  Edinburgh certainly gave them a big welcome but the scale of the big theatre does not faze them at all and they put on a suitably big show to match. Their extended band including drums and pedal steel player makes a real difference and they handle that ‘beefed up’ sound with aplomb.

I’ve grown to really love their latest album ‘Stay Gold’ and songs from that rightly dominated the set including my favourites ‘Cedar Lane’, ‘Stay Gold’ and ‘ Waitress Song’. Covers also made a big impression, especially a brilliant take on ‘Love Interruption’ by Jack White. They always sing ‘Ghost Town’ at the front of the stage without microphones and to carry that off in such a big hall with a thousand backing singers was wonderful. Well I sang along with everything!

A great night with a celebration atmosphere. Well done girls. Lots more good stuff to come in future I’m sure!

9/11 Attended by George & Karen


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