Sufjan Stevens – The Playhouse, Edinburgh – 30 August 2015

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I’ve always quite liked Sufjan’s music rather than loved it … so was prepared to be underwhelmed … but no chance … he was superb!  I was spellbound and really moved. Good job Sufjan!

The music for the majority of the performance came straight from his lastest album ‘Carrie & Lowell’ played in it’s entitety. His extensive and very talented backing band also made for some stunning arrangements away from his normal simple folky americana. The extended synthesizer led codas to some of the songs were as unexpected as they were breathtaking, especially the extra 7 or 8 minutes added to ‘Blue Bucket of Gold’. Spectacular.

A huge visual backdrop showing panoramic landscapes and occasional home movie scenes complemented the music brilliantly. The combination with the music was truly beautiful and to make that all work on such a grand scale in such a big hall was an amazing spectacle. The huge 3,000 strong crowd were just as mesmerised and rapt as I was!

9/11 Attended by George, Andy & Jude

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