FFS – Festival Theatre, Edinburgh – 24 August 2015

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The idea of uniting Franz Ferdinand and Sparks was just so enticing a whole crowd of my friends ended up getting tickets. Sparks are such heroes to me and so many, including Franz Ferdinand. The combination works really well since both bands usually keep their tongues firmly in their cheeks and they kept it that way much to our delight. We all had a great time. Highly camp but highly enjoyable!

Being Part of the official Edinburgh Festival and being at The Festival Theatre made for an odd situation for a rock gig and a mixed, though mainly middle aged audience. The first few FFS songs got an enthusiastic if polite response. That was blown away when they played Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ when everybody got up dancing and stayed up going mad for the rest of the show!

FFS never let up from that point and it was a truly joyful occasion, the audience responding to the new FFS songs but going wild for the few revived Sparks and FF songs. ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us’ was received with rapture and we nearly blew the roof off at the end. A privilege to see Ron and Russell Mael still at it and on top form. Will we see them here again? I sincerely hope so … And soon!


9/11 Attended by George, Karen, Jan, Andy, Jude, Douglas, Rick & Andy G !!!


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