My Way Of Working

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The most important part of how I’ll help you is taking time and care to understand your wishes and preferences so I can tailor the whole experience to suit you, not the other way round. In general, more details on each of the stages of the process are explained below –

Pre-Production – ‘Before We Get Started’

Tell me what your dream is, what you want to record, what your budget is … and we will work that all out and agree how best to do it!  I will then get everything prepared for your recording session(s). – Read more about this

Recording – ‘Let’s Get You In The Studio’

I’m experienced and confident at working with all kinds of singers and musicians to help them give their best performances and get that recorded to a high standard. I am an accomplished and creative musician: guitarist; bassist; keyboard player and virtual instrument  programmer, so I can add any instruments or include any other session musicians you require. – Read more about this

Mixing and Mastering – ‘Polishing & Finishing’

The dark but creative arts of taking the raw recordings and turning them into polished pieces that wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio!  If all you need is someone with the skills and experience to mix your already recorded music, I can also do that for you. – Read more about this

Publishing – ‘Get Your Music Out There’

No use having lovely recordings if you don’t share them. I can help you create CDs, with artwork if required, and help publish your music on-line and let the world enjoy it! – Read more about this

If you have any ideas or dreams that I could help you with, feel free to get in touch via Contact form below!