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No use having lovely recordings if you don’t share them. I can help you create CDs, with artwork if required, and publish your music on-line to let the world enjoy it!

CDs are the standard way of having something ‘physical’ to give to either friends or music business contacts. I can handle the relationship with the CD replication or duplication company if you want and ensure impressive quality CDs. Small or large numbers, we can discuss. What about Vinyl? More people are creating and buying vinyl which involves different processes and companies I can help you deal with.

If you want me to create the artwork for your CDs and on-line publishing, I have experience of doing that too.  I would be delighted to work with your ideas or with any artist you are already working with.

Whether or not you create CDs, publishing on-line is an important way to let the world hear you. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. etc. I can either advise or help publish it for you.

If you have any ideas or dreams that I could help you with, feel free to get in touch via Contact form below!

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