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This stage is so important so that everything is clear and all parties are comfortable, but it’s so easy to skip over … I don’t! It shouldn’t take long and can be fun!

Every artist will have some idea of what they want to achieve out of their recording project, but may not know how that could work or what is possible. My first step is to take time with the artist, free of charge, to discuss and explore what their ambitions are, what music they want to make and the outcome they desire. I will then be able to make suggestions and recommendations as to what I could add and how I propose to make that happen as producer. After discussion we can then agree exactly what we are going to do together and how and when we will do it.

Cost and timescale is always important to agree on together before the work starts in earnest. I work on a ‘Work For Hire’ basis, which means you pay me as agreed for my work and you retain the rights to the product with no royalties contract in place. Nice and simple. To also keep it simple I can work on a Time and Materials basis, with an agreed daily rate … but most often I will agree a fixed price with the artist for the totality of the agreed work. This suits many artists who have a limited budget and appreciate the clarity and confidence of cost. For the fixed price approach it is my job to manage the amount of work required to the budget while delivering a quality result as agreed up front. I will write up the agreement for the approach we agree so that we all have the same understanding.

For all estimated or agreed work my terms are 50% payment post agreement and before the project starts, and the other 50 % upon completion of the project and delivery of the product we agreed.

Next Stage – Recording – ‘Let’s Get You In The Studio’

If you have any ideas or dreams that I could help you with, feel free to get in touch via Contact form below!