My 2019 Music Review

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2019 has been a pretty good year for me in general (if you can ignore the dire politics and planet destruction). Esp. a great year for music, it’s been a lot of fun for me and lots of good times with friends. I counted 66 gigs, Including playing with The Postcards, and The Big Light, discovered some great new music and I also started to get back into recording too (more next year).

Best Gigs –

A very close run decision since I had so many outstanding ones, but my Gig of the Year award has to go to Kagoule at Broadcast in February … Perfect set, perfectly played … a superb performance all round from one of my favourite bands.

Impossible to choose a top 5 though, since I was so lucky to witness some other really special gigs, the best of which included Penelope Isles, black midi, Björk, Snarky Puppy, Shame, Pom Poko, Lewsberg, Jarv IS, Anais Mitchell, Suede, Donny McCaslin, Man Of Moon and the amazing musical Hadestown. A playlist of associated videos below !

Best Albums

Still eagerly awaiting the new Man Of Moon album to top next year’s 2020 list! But this year my new faves were (with Spotify links) –

  1. Until The Tide Creeps In – Penelope Isles
  2. Schlagenheim – black midi
  3. Lewsberg – Lewsberg
  4. Naked Flames – TC&I
  5. Polar – Helge

Best New Discovered Artists

Always lots of great new music out there if you care to look! Blown away this year by –

I hope 2020 is a happy and safe year for all of us. Live Long And Prosper!

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