Iceland Airwaves Day 2 – Reykjavik – 7 Nov 2019

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Fisrt Soley at Slipbarrin and lucky to get there early for a ringside bar stool as the place was packed. I’ve liked Soley for a fair while and saw her play a lovely show in Hull, but not sure if the new material being tried out is for me. Atmospheric, but a bit sombre and depressing! After the best pizza ever in Pizzeria Italia in the evening we took advantage of our Airwaves Plus wristbands to access the upstairs ’VIP’ area for 4 acts in Gamla Bio theatre.

Glass Museum are a keyboards and drums instrumental duo from Belgium, and had some interesting tunes. I came along mainly to see JFDR and Shame, with JFDR on next. The band project of Jófríður Ákadóttir had some nice songs but not as good for me as her previous band Samaris. Next up was Emmsje Gauti (MC, geddit, I think!?). Rappy hip hop is not my cup of tea but seems he is a big thing in Iceland with lots of fans singing along. Who knew?

Finally Shame, who were just brilliant as always. They seem to have been playing the same songs on tour for years since I saw them in Sneaky Pete’s (only a few really) but who cares when they are all such punky bangers and they are now masters at working a crowd into a frenzy. Not quite as frenzied though as bassist Josh who leaps around like a loon, his soon broken strap required constant re-taping up each time he broke it again. A great day gigging had to end of course with a few pints in our new local ‘The Drunk Rabbit’. What a great place (if you can ignore the ridiculous price of a pint!).

Attended by George & Karen – playlist with multiple relevant videos below!

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