black midi – Fabric, London – 23 Oct 2019

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Astonishing! Black midi are a young band from London who have been compared to a long list of noisy, arty bands, too many to mention. Some people can’t stand them or think they are derivative. I say bollocks to that, I don’t care, they sound amazing! Just enjoy it.

Not easy listening on record but an exhilarating experience live. Much more playful and varied with extended jams and added synth sounds. There is an element of chaotic but great sounding improvisation in there but you can tell their transitions are well rehearsed by how sharp they are. Great musicians for ones so young, shows the power of just playing together so much … brilliant. My new earplugs were definitely needed since the thrashy, synth looped ending was as loud as a jumbo jet taking off! Ace!

Attended by George

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