Snarky Puppy – Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow – 16 Nov 2019

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What an amazing group. I’ve followed Snarky Puppy for a while, loving their jazzy instrumental masterpieces. But even after many line-up changes it was still a treat to get so many key members this time including leader and bassist Michael League, Justin Stanton on keys and trumpet, Mike Maher on trumpet and flugelhorn, Shaun Martin on keys, Mark Lettieri on guitar, Bobby Sparks on keys and Chris Bullock on sax and woodwinds. Joined by new to me Zach Brock on violin, Keita Ogawa on percussion, Jason Thomas on Drums … you rarely get such a collection of stellar musicians on the same stage!

The set was full of newer ‘pieces’ ( I only really knew two) but so good you really don’t mind. But less jazzy and much more funk … one long groove from start to finish, everyone dancing along all night! Getting the audience to clap along in different times and rhythms says as much about the crowd as the band. Impressive and memorable.

Attended by George


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