The Moonlandingz – Stereo, Glasgow – 23 March 2017

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Andy and Douglas raved about Fat White Family so we had to go and see The Moonlandingz formed by Fat Whites Lias and Saul with many other luminaries. Lias is now Johnny Rocket, famous for outlandish stage outfits and antics. Would we get cape and codpiece? No we got cling film boob tube with £20 notes fixed to his nipples!

A packed Stereo really went mad from the first song and the first few songs were pretty good. Seeing Rebecca from Slow Club vamp it up in a sleazy double act with Johnny was also a bit surreal, but lots of visual interest going on with the whole band. For some reason I didn’t feel the momentum keep up and after what seemed like a relatively short set I was a bit disappointed. Maybe best songs first with not so much strong or different material to follow? Anyway, interesting band to watch out for. Will definitely watch out for supports, the challenging Women’s Aid and the very promising Goat Girl as we saw supporting Girl Band not long ago. Very Good!

6.5/11 Attended by George, Andy & Douglas

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