Ane Brun – St Luke’s, Glasgow – 5 Oct 2021

Ane inspired me to get back into live music when I first discovered her beautiful songs and saw her first back in 2009. This was the 9th show of hers I’ve been to since! In times of pandemic I might have expected a more stripped back and simplified production, but far from it, this was big set, 6 piece band, new light show .. The works! Though I love Ane’s singing and older material, her latest albums haven’t really struck a chord, and she started the set with lots of her newer ‘adult pop’ style songs that don’t do much … Continue reading

Sofar Sounds – Under The Arches, Edinburgh – 30 Sept 2021

As they put it – ‘Sofar Sounds is reimagining the live event experience through curated, intimate performances in 325 cities around the world.’ I had seen some videos from other cities and bought a ticket for the latest Edinburgh event … 18 months ago! So it was exciting finally getting along to what turned out to be a joyful, inspiring evening. In effect these are ‘secret’ gigs where you are not told the exact venue or who the performers will be until close to the time. Kind of pot luck, but always good artists. Under The Arches is a cool … Continue reading

black midi – QMU, Glasgow – 27 Sept 2021

black midi can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned! I know their obtuse, complex approach and never settling musical direction winds some people up. But for me they succeed in a fine balancing act between ever changing chaotic noise, muscular rock, avant garde jazz, proggy psychedelia … and more. Even when I sometimes struggle to follow what the hell they are up to at any one time, I love that they do that to me and that’s all part of the magic! And a packed crowd of young gig goers, many with little idea about the band’s predecessors … Continue reading

Steve Hackett – Playhouse, Edinburgh – 25 Sept 2021

I’m a big fan of (early) Genesis and I saw Steve play with them in this very venue way back in 1977 ! I had seen him twice in recent years, but the chance to see him reprise one of my favourite ever albums, the live Genesis double LP ‘Seconds Out’, was far too good to miss. And what an enjoyable trip down memory lane this was. With only one original band member this was never going to be as good as the real thing, but at least better (a bit) than a tribute band. And his band did a … Continue reading

Rosalie Cunningham – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 20 Sept 2021 

Over the moon to finally get back to the best place in the world for my first gig there since Feb 2020. And wow, wow, wow, what a fantastic show too from the wonderful Rosalie Cunningham and her amazing band! I had bought a ticket for this over 18 months ago and liked her recordings I had heard, but was not prepared to be as ‘blown away’ by such a marvellous set. What a joyous occasion for me and the lucky attendees including gig pals. First up though were two piece piano and drums combo Tuppenny Bunters. I’m a big … Continue reading

Crack Cloud – Bongo Club, Edinburgh – 1 Sept 2021

Crack Cloud from Vancouver played tiny Sneaky Pete’s in May 2019, and everyone raved about how amazing they were. So after an enforced long layoff it made sense for Nick to book them back at a larger room at the Bongo Club. Unfortunately the club being less than half full was pretty disappointing and I’m sure a reflection of peoples Covid reticence rather than the quality of the band.   4 members of Crack Cloud took the stage as their own support band ‘Military Genius’! Laid back and low key, nice, but the intensity trebled when the rest of the … Continue reading

The Postcards / Dirty Harry – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 29 Aug 2021

Live music (with me on the stage) is back! Loved our first gig for exactly 18 months at Liquid Rooms on Sunday. What a fantastic night. Really enjoyed playing for you as guests of the fantastic Dirty Harry, thank you so much and well played. And thanks to Tom Thorburn for his great video too. xx The Postcards 

Black Country, New Road – EIF Lochside, Edinburgh – 23 Aug 2021

So excited for my very first gig since March 2020! And though I was stoked to see London’s BCNR, a band whose star is rising fast and I had grown to be very impressed by, this was a very odd situation and venue for a gig. The Edinburgh Festival EIF Lochside ‘tent’ at the Gyle was designed especially for socially distanced shows given restrictions. This meant large spaces between seated groups and therefore a relatively sparse ‘crowd’ in such a large space. An eerie  and cold atmosphere did not make for any great element of audience engagement or participation … … Continue reading

A Few Updates!

Finally, got a few new musical things to blog about! Been busy recently tracking ‘rock’ guitars, bass and drums on 3 songs for Brian Devlin. Finished now and can’t wait to hear how all his songs turn out post-production. Also got together in the same room in my studio with my fellow The Postcards guitarists Dave and Chris to work through 8 (yes eight) new cover song ideas. Sounded ace and next step is rehearsal studio in June before bringing them live to a cinema near you asap! Real loud rehearsal in a rehearsal studio last Sunday is biggest news, … Continue reading

All I Need

georgeglen · All I Need Love this Radiohead song so much I had to record my own version – dedicated to Karen xx.

Pump It Up

georgeglen · Pump It Up Really enjoyed a bit of remote recording and mixing with Chris Thomas (but not Bruce Thomas and Pete Thomas too unfortunately!). Just a bit of fun, but we like it a lot!

Looking At Me, Looking At You

I’m really happy to be involved in a small way with the wonderful Sing In The City organisation. Even though Covid has has a big impact, the music goes on! Hanley & The Baird is the band formed by SITC Musical Directors Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley to support the choirs and ‘Looking At Me, Looking At You’ is their great new single. Available on all good platforms … listen, and most importantly BUY it now! And follow Hanley & The Baird on Facebook 😉

Skin (The Big Light Remix)

With gigs and recording face to face with people out of the window for the time being, I spent some time having fun remixing (with Jan as Executive Producer!). We have really enjoyed transforming this great track ‘Skin’ by Man of Moon from Rock to Electronic Dance. Thanks Chris & Michael. Not our usual style, more Donna Summer meets The Chemical Brothers! Enjoy J&G xx

EXTC – The Victoria, Swindon – 10 March 2020

Can be a potentially dodgy thing when a long gone and cherished band makes some kind of come back, especially with few original members (in this case 1), but this isn’t at all the same and it turned out magnificently! Original XTC drumer Terry Chambers reunited with bassist Colin Moulding for their wonderful TC&I recording and shows in 2017. I was there! Since Colin stepped back from playing, this EXTC project is Terry carrying on with Steve Tilling and Gary Bamford from those shows, reviving songs from XTCs extensive catalogue rather than mainly Colin’s songs. Since XTC stopped performing in … Continue reading

The Postcards – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 29 Feb 2020

What a great night at Alan’s party.  Thanks for having us and we had a blast just like everyone else seemed to. The birthday boy even got up to play guitar on Spring Rain by The Go-Betweens! Thanks to various people for pics and vids, not sure who’s, sorry!    

Sleater-Kinney – Barrowland, Glasgow – 28 Feb 2020

I think I must have died and gone to heaven! Gig of the century for me? I think so, at least equal! Having just seen my favourite band in the world at a great show in Amsterdam last week how could they top that? Maybe 2 reasons – This was the second last show of the their entire 6 months (with breaks) of ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ tour, and having fun, they threw the kitchen sink at us with 27 songs over nearly 2 hours covering their extensive career. Secondly, Barrowland is bigger than Paradiso and hey it’s Glasgow. So … Continue reading

Sleater-Kinney – Paradiso, Amsterdam – 19 Feb 2020

I LOVE Sleater-Kinney so much, but it’s baffling that I never managed to see them live until tonight. Sorted! Still magnificent. I bopped along and sang all the words ’til I was sweaty and hoarse … magic. After a tour break Carrie and Corin seemed really up for this and appeared to enjoy it nearly as much as I and a packed Paradiso did. The level of smiling and grinning all round was a pleasure to see. I always wanted to go to this iconic venue too and was not disappointed. I’m still gutted that Janet Weiss has left the … Continue reading

Amsterdam Holiday – 18 Feb 2020

I ‘needed’ to get to see Sleater-Kinney and this was all the excuse required to organise a few days with Karen in lovely Amsterdam taking in the gig at the iconic Paradiso.  What a great city. So much fun. Will definitely go back!

black midi – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – 17 Feb 2020

Only last October since I last saw black midi, and this set couldn’t have been much more different. Only 6 songs from their album ‘Schlagenheim’ … crowd pleasers like ‘bmbmbm’ left out and guitarist Matt replaced (temporarily I think) by sax and keys players. The rest of the set was so jazz and jazz/rock I know many people were flummoxed and unhappy with their new musical marmite. A band not afraid to experiment and move on … quickly! Well I loved it all. I’m completely happy with the jazzy direction and their playing, and Geordie’s singing, is so magnificent they … Continue reading

Dry Cleaning – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 13 Feb 2020

Spoken lyrics are a thing now apparently, and a very good thing delivered by Florence over catchy guitar riffs from London’s Dry Cleaning. I’ve listened to them a lot recently so I could follow what she was on about, though even stood right in front the sound was dominated by guitar and unfortunately couldn’t hear her all that clearly. The only downside to a great night. Attended by George

Sorry – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 9 Feb 2020

I have listened to the music of Sorry a lot recently, great stuff and knowing the words from a new band made such a brilliant show more enjoyable! Led by Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen from London, Sorry have a varied style recorded but sound more straightforward and powerful live, less jazzy, more rocky, but with the clever songs, intelligent intertwining instrumentation and twisted lyrics that make them a bit unusual … and special! A packed sold out Sneaky Pete’s was also well appreciative and what a great set they got, all the songs I’ve grown to like and some … Continue reading

Half Formed Things – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 1 Feb 2020

Half Formed Things are a special group, dear to the hearts of Karen and me, and it seems a growing number of others too from the great level of warmth and appreciation in a packed ballroom! This time back to a 3 piece following Nici’s return to Oz, but they seem just as good as ever this way helped by fine sound and light show. They also keep evolving and improving with a number of new songs. Those performed solo by Matthew and Morgan were very good, but it’s when they sing together that the magic happens most … a … Continue reading

Anaïs Mitchell – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow – 29 Jan 2020

I never miss my favourite singer/songwriter Anaïs when she comes to Scotland nowadays. This time supported by her new ‘folk supergroup’ Bonny Light Horseman. So this was the first time I had seen her perform with a full band, which was cool! The show started with a set from Bonny Light Horseman led by Anaïs, Eric D. Johnson (from the band Fruit Bats) and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman. I haven’t really been impressed by the re-vamped old folk songs on their album (a bit dull for my taste), but it’s a more enjoyable experience live, particularly the guitar playing of Josh … Continue reading

The Postcards – The Glad Café, Glasgow – 17 Jan 2020

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us raise so much for The Glad Cafe and Music Glue. What a fun evening for such great causes. Jim Mcculloch and John Alexander led the way with some lovely songs, much appreciated. And Duglas T. Stewart joined us for a rousing rendition of ‘Museum of Love’ by Daniel Johnston. Thanks also to Frank Duffy for curating tunes and all the staff at Glad Café.

The Postcards – Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh – 2 Jan 2020

Many thanks again to the management and staff of Whistlebinkies for hosting us and to all who joined in with us so enthusiastically on a fun filled, festive Thursday evening. Also pleased to see so many ‘new’ songs go down so well. What a brilliant venue, will be back there very soon. Happy New Year All ! xx The Postcards 😘

My 2019 Music Review

2019 has been a pretty good year for me in general (if you can ignore the dire politics and planet destruction). Esp. a great year for music, it’s been a lot of fun for me and lots of good times with friends. I counted 66 gigs, Including playing with The Postcards, and The Big Light, discovered some great new music and I also started to get back into recording too (more next year). Best Gigs – A very close run decision since I had so many outstanding ones, but my Gig of the Year award has to go to Kagoule … Continue reading

The Postcards – Surgeons Quarter, Edinburgh – 7 Dec 2019

We had an absolute blast at Ewan’s 50th birthday party. If you want us for a private party or a fundraiser you know where to find us. Reasonable rates for the former and nothing for the latter. We reckon there are more audience pics to come but meanwhile here’s the band in full effect and our Neil getting so excited he joins the dancers while still singing. Thanks to Aldona for booking us and for the lovely recommendation on our page.

Penelope Isles – The Cluny 2, Newcastle – 1 Dec 2019

You know when you come across a gem of a new band and you can’t stop listening to them or needing to go and see them? You don’t? Aye ye do! Well that’s me and the amazing Penelope Isles … you have to go see them too! Originally from the Isle of Man, but via Brighton, the band started by Jack and Lily Wolter have come a long way in a short time, especially since being picked up by Simon Raymonde of Bella Union records who knows something special when he sees it. Brilliant songs, complex but catchy, veering from … Continue reading

Man Of Moon / The Twilight Sad – Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 30 Nov 2019

A packed Usher Hall and a great celebration atmosphere for the end of a European tour and Twilight Sad’s return to Edinburgh. Of course we came primarily to see Man Of Moon and we were not disappointed with another great performance in front of a big, appreciative home crowd. Well done guys! So excited to hear the new album asap in 2020. I’m not that familiar with the music of The Twilight Sad, but they certainly smashed it in what was their biggest ever gig. Fans I know say they were at their best and they loved the whole show … Continue reading

Björk – Hydro, Glasgow – 25 Nov 2019

I have been a ‘superfan’ of Björk for so many years, starting when I first heard ‘Birthday’ in 1987 and rushed out to buy it. I’ve seen her a number of times since and her music has been a big part of my life. I have to admit though that her last two albums have left me cold (though I tried), but I’m still supportive, so I had much tredipdation going to this ‘Cornucopia’ tour show after the relatively underwhelming occasion last time I saw her 3 years ago.  Well I needn’t have worried since the show was very, very … Continue reading

Bat For Lashes – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – 23 Nov 2019

Natasha Khan is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, always puts on a different kind of show which is a brave choice. This time ‘stripped back’, as she said, just her with keys and vocal support from the talented Laura Groves. She has a beautiful voice and distinctive style, but I admit I’ve found her latest albums less interesting, a few good tracks but overall underwhelming. Live though, it was an intimate experience with a very warm appreciative audience. However she chose to keep all of the songs at a slowish pace, which though it suited most of her yearning type … Continue reading

Snarky Puppy – Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow – 16 Nov 2019

What an amazing group. I’ve followed Snarky Puppy for a while, loving their jazzy instrumental masterpieces. But even after many line-up changes it was still a treat to get so many key members this time including leader and bassist Michael League, Justin Stanton on keys and trumpet, Mike Maher on trumpet and flugelhorn, Shaun Martin on keys, Mark Lettieri on guitar, Bobby Sparks on keys and Chris Bullock on sax and woodwinds. Joined by new to me Zach Brock on violin, Keita Ogawa on percussion, Jason Thomas on Drums … you rarely get such a collection of stellar musicians on … Continue reading

Iceland Airwaves Day 1 – Reykjavik – 6 Nov 2019

We were so excited to be going back to our favourite city for the very special Iceland Airwaves festival. Not just for the music but for a nice holiday in our favourite place with such nice people, locals and festival goers … so blog posts here are separate or combination multi-gig reviews and holiday travelogues! Iceland Airwaves is a bit different from most music festivals in that multiple venues are used around the city centre and other smaller bars run many ‘off-venue’ performances during the day so you can see lots of acts all day ’til early morning, running between them! … Continue reading

Iceland Holiday – 7 Nov 2019

A busy morning and afternoon sightseeing before gigging … Café Paris for breakfast, then a long walk all along Laugavegur and back window shopping, then all the way west to see the ‘Whales of Iceland’ museum. What an amazing exhibition. Life size models of all the main species of Whales and Dolphins. Really impressive with lots of other information and insight … ‘meet us, don’t eat us!’. Highly recommended. Also highly recommended, in fact mandatory, is a visit to our favourite Saegreifinn restaurant for our now traditional lobster soup lunch. Nom! Less fun was a customer next us tucking into … Continue reading

Iceland Airwaves Day 2 – Reykjavik – 7 Nov 2019

Fisrt Soley at Slipbarrin and lucky to get there early for a ringside bar stool as the place was packed. I’ve liked Soley for a fair while and saw her play a lovely show in Hull, but not sure if the new material being tried out is for me. Atmospheric, but a bit sombre and depressing! After the best pizza ever in Pizzeria Italia in the evening we took advantage of our Airwaves Plus wristbands to access the upstairs ’VIP’ area for 4 acts in Gamla Bio theatre. Glass Museum are a keyboards and drums instrumental duo from Belgium, and … Continue reading

Iceland Holiday – 8 Nov 2019

Day 3 in the Airwaves house started with breakfast in Joe & The Juice to prepare us for a freezing walk down to the beautiful Sólfar sculpture we visit every time. What a wonderful sight and the cold and the snow covered hills only emphasise it’s beauty. A quick visit to KEX hostel (nothing on unfortunately) and a bit more Laugavegur wandering led us to get out of the cold with a couple of pints of Bastard beer in the tremendously named ‘Bastard’ bar. A few more in the comfy Drunk Rabbit before a siesta in prep for an evening … Continue reading

Iceland Airwaves Day 3 – Reykjavik – 8 Nov 2019

Our target for the evening was Gaukurinn club, which is usually tightly packed and noisy. On the way over there though we stopped for a on-spec look in Iðnó which is a lovely old theatre, restaurant and venue. Lucky we did since Helge was just starting and the show was a real treat. Helge Slikker is a singer songwriter from Holland and the show related the narrative of his driving trip round Iceland illustrated by beautiful backdrop video and songs from his album ‘Polar’. A great concept and dreamlike story with lovely songs. Brilliant stuff, I’m a new fan! Gaukurinn … Continue reading

Iceland Holiday and Airwaves Day 4 – Reykjavik – 9 Nov 2019

Sandholt bakery is such a classy place for a lovely breakfast, and an ideal start to our last full day in Iceland. A leisurely morning, including a walk past, but not go into, the Punk Museum, since Karen was getting ready to go horse riding in the afternoon. She had a lovely time with Viking Horses tour, riding a lovely Icelandic horse on a nice easy hack. If Pip Blom was my nice surprise of a band better than I expected, Penelope Isles were my ‘top find’ of the festival and I’m on the way to becoming a super fan! … Continue reading

Man Of Moon – Sala La Nau, Barcelona – 31 Oct 2019

The idea of combining a trip to Europe to see Man Of Moon on tour with a few days in the amazing city of Barcelona was too good to resist!  Not long into their European Tour supporting Twilight Sad,  the guys are on top form with a 40 minute set concentrating their best songs. Though the venue was sparsely populated to begin with, it soon filled up and by the end they had earned a lot of new fans! Bravo Señors! Attended by George, Karen & Mhairi  

Holiday in Barcelona – Oct/Nov 2019

A 4 day trip to Barcelona was in order to co-incide with a visit to see Michael play with Man of Moon on their European Tour. What an amazing city. We loved it!

Big Big Train – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – 26 Oct 2019

I found out about Big Big Train from twigging that guitar hero Dave Gregory (ex of XTC) was playing with them. Couldn’t miss a chance to see the great man for the first time since 1981 ! I quite liked a few live videos I had seen but listening to some BBT albums I was less impressed. That impression was backed up by this performance. Long ‘pieces’ rather than songs that have typical prog rock sections with impressive dynamics and playing, but short on tunes for me and with lyrics that think they are clever but to me are really … Continue reading

black midi – Fabric, London – 23 Oct 2019

Astonishing! Black midi are a young band from London who have been compared to a long list of noisy, arty bands, too many to mention. Some people can’t stand them or think they are derivative. I say bollocks to that, I don’t care, they sound amazing! Just enjoy it. Not easy listening on record but an exhilarating experience live. Much more playful and varied with extended jams and added synth sounds. There is an element of chaotic but great sounding improvisation in there but you can tell their transitions are well rehearsed by how sharp they are. Great musicians for … Continue reading

The Trama Dolls – Brig Below, Edinburgh – 19 Oct 2019

A fabulous evening with The Trama Dolls (and The Twistettes) at the Brig. A real celebration atmosphere and such a lot of fun. The Trama Dolls sound great, not just with their style (which could be compared to Stooges, Cramps etc. etc.) but really clever and catchy songs. Sadie is of course the ‘Queen of Fucking Everything’ with all the passion and the moves, but the musicians create all the dramatic backdrop needed. Bravo! Attended by George, Karen & Jan

The Murder Capital – Mash House, Edinburgh – 15 Oct 2019

The Murder Capital from Dublin are an arty, post-punk band in a similar vein to others I’ve seen recently like Idles and Shame, etc. etc. Not a bad collection to stand comparison with and they have a different kind of power combined with an emotional seriousness of their own.  Inventive and melodic musicianship too supporting the earnest intensity of singer James McGovern. They also know how to build up a show dramatically. Instead of starting with the usual belter, they start with a mellow song, then the melancholy ‘Twisted Ground’, then another before ‘Green & Blue’ starts to ramp up … Continue reading

Pom Poko – Mash House, Edinburgh – 13 Oct 2019

Wow! I thought Pom Poko from Norway could be good, but I was blown away like the rest of a packed Sunday night Mash House crowd.  We all got the same blast from their spectacular music and infectious energy and enthusiasm, well I bopped around like loon anyway! Quite a unique sound I think with math rock, modern pop, jazz and world music flavours with odd rhythms, times and melodies. Right up my street! Attended by George  

Just Mustard – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 10 Oct 2019

Second night in a row at the wonderful Sneaky Pete’s and from the sublime Lewsberg to the not so sublime. I sometimes buy tickets after hearing just a sample of a band’s stuff and am rarely disappointed, but I was hoping for more from Dundalk’s Just Mustard. Some nice ideas, but off key vocals, incoherent rambling music with pointless guitar noise (at My Bloody Valentine volume levels) … I could go on but maybe it was an off night for a young hard working band, so good luck to them anyway. Well done to support band Medicine Cabinet though. Not … Continue reading

Lewsberg – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 9 Oct 2019

What a find! Lewsberg from Rotterdam have a reputation of sounding like The Velvet Underground and early Talking Heads among others. Not being a big Velvets fan I can confirm though that impression is right.  I am, however, now a Lewsberg fan! Simple guitar sounds, smart and cynical lyrics, deadpan delivery in dutch accent … could be dry and boring but their conviction and intensity is persuasive so you get drawn into their world. And it turns out to be a catchy and fun world, who knew? Magic! Attended by George, Jan and Alan L

The Smiths Ltd – Hive, Edinburgh – 4 Oct 2019

I wanted to check out Hive as a music venue I’d not been to, and I love a bit of Smiths. Ideal opportunity! And The Smiths Ltd are not the worst Smith’s tribute band  I’ve seen … but not the best either. Respect due though for a comprehensive and well delivered 23 song set that went down a storm with a packed room full of Smiths fans. I sang along with all the words too! Attended by George

Pixies – Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 23 Sept 2019

Pixies are one of my all time favourites, they mean a lot to me as well as being such an important and influential band. Such a treat to see such a huge collection of so many of their great songs and I enjoyed the ones from their new album too. However, the set needn’t have been quite so long, 37 songs over two hours is OTT! Attended by George, Andy, Douglas & Neil W

Peter Hook & The Light – Queens Hall, Edinburgh – 19 Sept 2019

I missed Hooky last couple of times and would have preferred his previous more Joy Division based sets, but instead this time mainly got 2 whole New Order albums, Technique and Republic, far from my favourites. But he started with a 6 song Joy Division set and ended with a 4 song encore ending with ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, so I enjoyed the start and end much more than the middle! Brilliant to finally see the great man in action though, what a bass player and character. Attended by George, Andy, Jude and Hamish.

Man Of Moon – Mash House, Edinburgh – 14 Sept 2019

Man Of Moon have an upcoming European tour supporting Twilight Sad so this was their last gig before that and a chance to raise some much needed funds. Never need an excuse to see them again anyway, but all in a good cause! And a busy Mash House responded really well to a great set of all their best songs and a couple that will appear on their new album soon. Can’t wait for that! Attended by George, Jan & Karen

The Postcards – Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh – 10 Sept 2019

Thanks to the management and staff of Whistlebinkies for hosting us and to all who gave us enthusiastic and raucous support on Tuesday … such good singers too! Special thanks to Michael for great sound and to Jim for looking after us. Also nice to meet and listen to a cool band The Moanin Bones. What a brilliant venue, would be a joy to play there again.

The Postcards – The Ferry, Glasgow – 30 Aug 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Ferry last night. We had an absolute blast. Here’s the second song of the set, Trash. Thanks to Gee Sheridan for filming it. More to come from our best gig so far. Next stop is Edinburgh at Binkies. You will be invited!

JARV IS – Leith Theatre, Edinburgh – 22 Aug 2019

Bravo Jarvis Cocker. What a star! Who else could so convincingly take a big audience through a set full of songs they didn’t really know (certainly nearly all new to me) and win them over completely with the sheer entertainment and clarity of his performance and inventive music. Not many! Quite brilliant. Right at the front I got the maximum benefit of his moves, personality and engaging delivery of his mini epic song stories. It didn’t matter that I had only heard ‘Must I Evolve’ before, every song was a winner and a revelation, especially ‘Cunts Are Still Running The … Continue reading

Anaïs Mitchell – Queens Hall, Edinburgh – 20 Aug 2019

I never miss Anaïs now when she visits Scotland but it’s nearly been 3 years. My favourite singer songwriter and the best. On this tour she was joined on stage by guitarist Austin Nevins from Portland, and while his additions were pleasant I actually prefer her solo performances and I enjoyed this show most when she was on her own. I was ecstatic to see her encore ‘The Belly & The Beast’. Sublime! Thanks to Graeme for the great videos from a memorable evening. Support artist Carsie Blanton, from Virginia via New Orlean. was also very entertaining so will watch … Continue reading

The Big Light – The Wee Pub, Edinburgh – 17 Aug 2019

Thanks to all our friends and fans for packing out a busy and very noisy Wee Pub for our gig as part of the Free Edinburgh Festival. Great fun and we all had a drink and a laugh after too! The only evidence we have is this poor, noisy snippet of video! Attended by Jan, George, Karen, Mhairi, Michael, Jill, Andy, Sparky, Pauline, Stephen, Nicola

Nick Harper – Jazz Bar, Edinburgh – 16 Aug 2019

I saw Nick last at the Jazz Bar 4 festivals ago and always intended to catch his great guitaring and performing again. This time his show was all about the songs of the folk legends, including Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, John Renbourn, Paul Simon and Sandy Denny, who would visit the house of his father, Roy Harper, back in the day on 58 Fordwych Rd, Kilburn. He makes a great job of covering these songs in his own special way, but I must make a point of seeing him again for more of his very original material that I think … Continue reading

Main St Blues – Jazz Bar, Edinburgh – 15 Aug 2019

My old friend Derek Smith has been playing the blues for ages and I kept meaning to catch up but never did ‘til now. Main St Blues is the name of his band, but they put a special show on for the Edinburgh Festival and this year it was ‘Kings Of The Blues’ showcasing the songs of BB, Freddie and Albert King. I’m no aficionado of blues but I think they were great and the addition of the ladies on sax and trumpet, along with their backing vocals, makes the show even better. Catch them as soon as you can! … Continue reading

Anna Calvi – Leith Theatre, Edinburgh – 11 Aug 2019

Not really listened much to Anna before this, but I thought she sounded interesting and friends recommended her, so worth checking out. But this didn’t do much for me. Impressive singing and guitar playing of course, but that showing off don’t impress me much unless the songs are good to go with it … but I didn’t get anything out of them. In fact I felt it was often pretentious bollocks. Meh! Attended by George, Andy, Jude & Derek G

Man of Moon – King Tut’s, Glasgow – 10 Aug 2019

An important gig for Man Of Moon headlining at the best venue in Glasgow and showcasing their new and amazing projection light show. Also some new songs soon to be on their upcoming album. Music and visuals were brilliant and well received by an enthusiastic crowd. Go see Man Of Moon! Attended by George, Karen, Jan & Mhairi

The Postcards – Leith Depot, Edinburgh – 2 Aug 2019

Well we’re all still on a high at Postcards Central after a brilliant gig at the best damn venue in Edinburgh, the Leith Depot.  Thanks to the guys at the Depot especially Jamie on the desk and to the wonderful We are Silhouettes for organising the gig and for such a storming set. Set list below. We optimistically added a song as a potential encore and it happened. Thanks to the superb crowd who clearly enjoyed it as much as we did.

Boogarins – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 22 July 2019

I like a bit of proggy music and Boogarins promised a lot of interesting pieces of that style with their particular Brazilian take. I enjoyed their show with some outstanding moments but overall not catchy enough to be memorable for me, maybe time to listen to more! Attended by George

Donny McCaslin – Teviot Row, Edinburgh – 18 July 2019

Anyone chosen by David Bowie to play on their album, as Donny and band were for Blackstar, has to have something special about them. That’s how I got interested and was so impressed I had to go see. So glad I was too since they were amazing. And to see bass hero Tim Lefebvre too, a real treat. What a show, not just of virtuoso playing, but of great music and songs with variety and power. I was spellbound like the rest of an appreciative and jazz knowledgable crowd who were delighted to earn an encore of Bowie’s ‘Look Back … Continue reading

The Postcards & The Big Light – Boreland, Fearnan – 16 July 2019

Thanks so much to Steven and Jeannie Droop for inviting The Postcards and The Big Light to perform at their Anniversary/Birthday party at the stunning Boreland farm. We had a blast but were especially delighted at the warm welcome and lovely hospitality. What a great fun night in such a beautiful place. Will definitely be back! 

Kylie – Edinburgh Castle – 14 July 2019

My XMAS present to Jan was a ticket to see the icon that is Kylie … well I had to go along too didn’t I !  And we had a great time along with the most enthusiastic crowd of super fans. Dancers, many costume changes, all the hits and more … you can’t argue with that in such an impressive and dramatic setting. My favourite bit was the frankly weird segment with a dancer dressed as Klaus Nomi. Nuts, in a good way. Bravo, smiles all round, what a star! Attended by George & Jan

Her Crooked Heart – Leith Depot, Edinburgh – 2 July 2019

Her Crooked Heart is the new project/band from one of my favourite American singer/songwriters Rachel Ries. All her songs but joined on this long tour by 3 versatile musicians, Siri Undlin (Humbird) Adelyn Strei (Adelyn Rose) and Hilary James (We Are the Willows). This makes for a different experience from the last time I saw Rachel, but the songs are just as lovely and all the better for bigger, tasteful arrangements. Busy and appreciative audience at Leith Depot, lots of long term fans, witnessed an intimate performance with a great atmposphere including a brlliant support set from the very talented … Continue reading

Robert Forster – St Luke’s, Glasgow – 17 May 2019

My band mate friends are big fans of the Go-Betweens so we just had to catch the legendary Robert Forster, though I really didn’t know much about his music. Well it was a delight to see the happy smiling faces of so many fans. And though I quite enjoyed the sound of the songs and the band … without any emotional engagement with the songs they sounded a bit samey, didn’t mean that much to me and I was left a bit cold. Still a nice special occasion. Attended by George, Chris, Neil and Dave

The Postcards – The Bungalow, Paisley – 11 May 2019

Our first time at the Bungalow, a great, dedicated live music venue. We had a blast in a tremendous location with a busy and receptive audience supporting the impressive Southmartins. Chris was away on holiday so we had to manage for the first time as a 4 piece band … and after careful choice of songs, we more than got away with it! Went down a storm and really enjoyed our 11 song set. I’m sure we will be back for more to let Chris experience the wonderful Bungalow! No live pics or video unfortunately … next time!

Echobelly – The Mash House, Edinburgh – 10 May 2019

We loved Echobelly back in the 90s and have thought about covering their songs … mandatory then for Jan and I to go see Sonya and Glenn on an acoustic tour. And obviously a lot of other people thought the same to fill the Mash House. No surprise, lots of shouts of ‘Marry Me Sonya’! Since the hits of the 90s they have had an on/off career producing now and again albums. The majority of the set, until near the end, was of those songs which we didn’t know but still enjoyed. Glenn is an inventive guitarist and Sonya still … Continue reading

B. C. Camplight – Central Library, Edinburgh – 9 May 2019

A rock concert? In a library? In the upstairs reference library at Central Library on George IV Bridge that I had spent years of my youth in? Hell yeah! Andy spotted this as part of a ‘Get It Loud In Libraries’ project. I’d not heard of B. C. Camplight but I sure have now, since he and his tremendous band were brilliant. What a lovely occasion with a pretty small audience in such a normally hushed room! And great music too from charismatic American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio who delivered his witty lyrics and nicely varied tunes while swigging … Continue reading

Fat White Family – SWG3, Glasgow – 7 May 2019

Andy and Douglas raved about seeing the ‘Fat Whites’ last time they played Glasgow, and though Douglas couldn’t use his ticket this time, we were really looking forward to this one. SWG3 is an ideal venue, good view, good sound and a very keen crowd went wild for them. Not being such a fan I didn’t know all the songs, but their reputation for being wild didn’t materialise as much as a more dance oriented and varied set of material. Singer Lias was the focal point of course but the band also looked and sounded great, so I was impressed! … Continue reading

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – The Mash House, Edinburgh – 17 April 2019

Not often I go to see a band just because they have a great name, but ‘Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs’ is so good they deserved a watch, and I had heard the were interesting, and indeed they were ‘interesting’! Heavy, noisy, repetitive and not really my cup of tea, but very committed so good luck to them. Attended by George, Andy & Douglas

The Pineapple Thief – St Luke’s, Glasgow – 21 March 2019

From speaking to a few others I realised I wasn’t the only one who mainly came to see the incredible drummer Gavin Harrison! He was brilliant as always and band pretty good too, amazing players and I like a bit of prog, but nothing very memorable to me except the enormous number of different guitars used! Nice venue too. Attended by George

The BIG Light – Brig Below, Edinburgh – 27 Feb 2019

After a few acoustic duo gigs as ‘Jan & George Glen’ we decided to go bigger and thus ‘The BIG Light’ was put on! The idea is to add more sounds and players to our set. Nothing formal but a bigger sound with an eclectic set of songs and guest musicians. This was our first try out! We started with our acoustic duo songs, then were joined by good friend Dave Paul on electric guitar for 4 bigger arrangements. Dave’s lead guitar augmented with simple looped drum patterns, some bass guitar and extra harmony vocals too. Even though we were … Continue reading

CHVRCHES – The Hydro, Glasgow – 16 Feb 2019

CHVRCHES old style electronica is not normally my cup of tea, but they are so good at it, with songs so catchy that their hooks work their way into your brain, well mine at least. Combined with Lauren’s magnetic charm and the fact they are probably Scotland’s biggest musical export just now, I had to go see. Arriving early I managed to sneak right down the front and the great view and sound made for an immersive experience rather than sat at the back where my ticket was. Had seen support band The 9th Wave at Sneaky Pete’s and was … Continue reading

Kagoule – Broadcast, Glasgow – 8 Feb 2019

Next to last date of their tour so Kagoule were on great form, on fire in fact, the best I’ve seen them. Perfect set, perfectly played … a superb performance all round from one of my favourite bands. Gig of the year … already! Really impressed by support band, Do Nothing, from Nottingham. Next time they come around my way I’m bringing all my friends to see just how awesome Kagoule are! Attended by George

Hadestown – National Theatre, London – 5 Jan 2019

Not really a gig review since Hadestown is a musical, but I’ve loved this music since I first heard the original album back in 2011. I’m also a big fan of writer Anais Mitchell and I’m made up for her to see her amazing folk opera grow organically from small venues in Vermont to massive mainstream production soon to open on Broadway. Hadestown is Anais’s take on the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek myth, but set in depression, dust bowl America. What started out as music only performance has evolved into an elaborate stage show with dancers, amazing set and world … Continue reading

My 2018 Music Review

2018 has been a momentous year in so many ways, but for me musically … off the scale! So happy and lucky with my own music making exploits: joining and gigging with a great band The Postcards; gigging with my sister as Jan & George Glen; and recording and mixing a great CD for Rachel Edwards. Really lucky to have had all these things come together in one year … and manage to see and hear so many great artists … Best Gigs – My Gig of the Year award simply has to go to Susanne Sundfør at the Barbican … Continue reading

The Postcards – The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow – 8 Dec 2018

  Thanks to so many of our friends and new fans who came to see my band The Postcards in our first full sized headlining gig at the marvellous Old Hairdresser’s. We have put a lot of work in this year and it was fun and rewarding to manage a set of 19 songs. More rewarding was the fantastic reaction we got, so much love in the room for these old songs played by these old codgers. Looking forward to more of the same in 2019 with many more of our favourite songs, ‘the songs that saved our lives’!

The Cardigans – Academy, Glasgow – 4 Dec 2018

I loved The Cardigans from their first album and only when they decided to tour again did it cross my mind that I never saw them first time round … time to rectify that! Met Andy there and I said I much preferred their first 2 albums, whereas he preferred their later ones, but the plan was for them to play the whole of their most successful 3rd album, Gran Turismo … Doh! So although they are of course great, I hardly knew any of the songs played in their 1st set, later material 2nd Set, and only in their … Continue reading

Bernie Torme – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh – 25 Nov 2018

Not someone I had ever heard of until Andy said he was a favourite of his from Bernie’s time in Gillan … a long time ago. When I spotted he was playing Bannerman’s on his farewell tour, we just had to go see. He is a great, showy guitarist, though his heavier bluesy rock is not my cup of tea, it was worth going along to see the beaming smile that never left Andy’s face! Attended by George & Andy


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