The Musical Box – Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 3 Feb 2023

I know it’s a tribute act, but Andy and I had to go and see them play just about our favourite ever album, all 4 sides of ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ by Genesis from 1975. I really enjoyed the whole experience. The Musical Box have been re-creating Genesis for nearly 30 years (not with the same line up) and have made a succesful career out of it. They licenced the ability to re-create the entire ‘Lamb ..’ tour including costumes and slide show and are supported and endorsed by Genesis members.

They play, sing and act the whole show perfectly … surely better that Genesis would nowadays! I sang along like a super fan, remembering (nearly) all the words. Although the obviously ‘mature’ audience seemed to enjoy the show, they sat like a load of statues with hardly a head nod … cmon guys this is great … get into it! And … disappointingly not very loud … it’s a rock show FFS! I need to feel as well as hear the music. Minor niggles aside, we were very impressed.

Attended by George & Andy

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