Lust For Life – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 5 March 2023

What a strange but cool experience! This show was originally billed as Tony Fox Sales and friends touring  the classic Iggy Pop album ’Lust For Life’ on it’s 45 years anniversary.  Tony and brother Hunt Sales played on the album. Tony became unavailable and at the last minute Glen Matlock took over on bass, which made me happy to see a real live Sex Pistol join a stellar band including drums hero Clem Burke and guitar hero Kevin Armstrong. And with Katie Puckrick singing no-one really knew what to expect! 

Honourable mention first to supports Walker And The Brotherhood of the Grape and Ladies … most enjoyable. A packed crowd were now excited for the star attractions, and especially Kerry eagerly awaiting her drums hero Clem! And peering at the setlist I saw 24 songs … gonna be a long night. 

But the first part of the set flew past with a track by track rendition of the classic ‘Lust For Life’ album. Band and Katie sounding great and even the less well known songs felt familiar and done justice to. Then followed a selection of songs from Iggy and the band’s various careers. All good and the crowd really enjoying. Karen was suffering from standing so long so we stuck it out to see Clem playing ‘Rip Her To Shreds’ by Blondie then said our goodbyes. I’m told we saw much of the best but diehards certainly got their moneys worth! Kerry of course was over the moon to get a drumstick and selfie with Clem. Magic! 

Attended by George, Karen, Andy, Jude, Kerry & Douglas

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