Hanley & The Baird + Aw Blacks – Queens Hall, Edinburgh – 12 Nov 2022

This was a very special occasion for me and all involved. This was the first time Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley had presented a show designed to showcase songs featuring both the Hanley & The Baird band and also the amazing Sing In The City Aw Blacks choir (about 50/50). Well what a great idea, and it worked brilliantly with the choir providing spine tingling backing vocals to band songs and the band rocking out in support of the Aw Blacks amazing 4 part harmonies, medleys and dance moves.

In such a beautiful, iconic venue too. An excited and appreciative audience was well into it and participating enthusiastically as well! 2 sets were applauded to the rafters and the atmosphere was electric. I even got lots of room on my bit of stage to myself to bop around like I do to my heart’s content. Got to be our best show ever. The band, the choir and so many supporters and helpers put so much into preparing this epic production … it’s too good to not repeat and Kirsty promises we will take it on tour … hope so!

I have to thank Kirsty, Annette and Kerry in the band, and all the Aw Blacks for being so welcoming and kind to me this year. Many thanks also to all who helped from organisation to setup to merch stall etc. etc. What a night. Glad all there enjoyed it so much too. (PS thanks to whoever took the above photographs, sorry I can’t work out all who’s, but some from Vikki Spence, cheers)

First Set Entire Audio Recording- here

Second Set Entire Audio Recording- here

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