Bat For Lashes – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh – 23 Nov 2019

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Natasha Khan is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, always puts on a different kind of show which is a brave choice. This time ‘stripped back’, as she said, just her with keys and vocal support from the talented Laura Groves. She has a beautiful voice and distinctive style, but I admit I’ve found her latest albums less interesting, a few good tracks but overall underwhelming. Live though, it was an intimate experience with a very warm appreciative audience. However she chose to keep all of the songs at a slowish pace, which though it suited most of her yearning type songs, after a while with limited instrumentation … it’s was all too samey and could have had a lot more variation and interest. Hope she has a full band next time! Still, a nice evening with nice people watching a very nice person play very nice music!

Attended by George & Karen

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