Drenge / Kagoule – Art School, Glasgow – 3 May 2018

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I’m a big fan of support band Kagoule, having seen them twice before, so a trip to Glasgow including a look at Drenge was well in order. Kagoule were really good as usual, but suffered a bit from support band sound syndrome, Lucy’s bass too loud and I could hardly hear guitarist Kai. Anyway, I like their new songs and hear a new album is coming soon called ‘Strange Entertainment’. I’m sure it will be that, but in a good way!

Drenge have been around for a while, since 2010, but have not toured in the last few years so the backstage banner said ‘Drenge presents – Grand Reopening’!  Focus is all on vocalist and seeming leader Eoin Loveless, and I had heard of them originally as a two piece, now with added bass and guitar/keys. I found them interesting, but not knowing the songs well I wasn’t that engaged. Hard to categorise their songs too, no bad thing, one minute garage/indie, the next more straightforward rock. Not bad, but not quite my cup of tea.

7/11 – Attended by George

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