Half Formed Things – The Mash House, Edinburgh – 28 April 2018

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Half Formed Things are a precious discovery of a new band for me, but I think Karen loves them even more! They have been building quietly since we saw them last year, which seems to be a careful and thoughtful approach, this show was a break from recording their first album.  A short set, which couldn’t be more tantalising since the album will be special judging by the songs showcased.

The band have added another singer Nici and her voice works beautifully alongside Morgan’s. But the balance of songs tonight seemed to feature Matthew’s singing and I was impressed as always, particularly during the stunning cover of ‘Hyperballad’ by Björk, one of my favourite songs. Imaginative but powerful drumming from Stewart is another key feature of their sound.

Dramatic, Cinematic, Arty, Proggy, all sorts of words used by others to describe their take on Quiet, Loud, Quiet, Loud.  Like Pop, but so much bigger! You’ll have to listen for yourself (see below incl. new single February). We will be doing much more of that later this year.

8.5/11 – Attended by George & Karen


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