Mugison – North Atlantic Flux, Hull – 1 May 2017

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To see Mugison from Iceland for the first time was the main reason I came all the way to Hull for the North Atlantic Flux festival. He’s been a hero of mine for ages since I love his unorthodox, melodic yet powerful songs and idiosyncratic approach to his music. A short but great solo set too with all of my favourites of his ‘hits’ especially ‘Þjóðarsálin’ with his long and funny explanation of how his roaring singing resulted in a messy accident!

Fantasic to see him joined for ‘… Son of a Boyo’ by another hero Einar Örn from Ghostigital / Sugarcubes. I got to meet and talk to Mugi outside and talk guitars, a gracious and funny guy.  Fair made my weekend it did. Magic!

8.5/11 Attended by George

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