Public Service Broadcasting – Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 12 April 2017

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I like science, I like space, I like The Edinburgh International Science Festival and I like Public Service Broadcasting. Put them all together and I just had to go to see PSB play their album ‘The Race For Space’ end to end. A big occasion for the science festival at a packed Usher Hall, an impressive event.

The event started with a Q&A session with J. Willgoose Esq. about his knowledge of the space race and how the album was developed. Then the band, accompanied by a brass section, string quartet, the Scottish National Youth Choir and a man in a spacesuit, played the ‘Race For Space Album’ followed by a selection of their other songs.

Though I admire PSB and like some of their material … I find it hard to ‘love’ them since the format is mainly fairly repetitive music with odd speaking from information film clips, not really songs in the traditional sense that I like. Doesn’t grab me emotionally very often. Their best songs, like ‘Go’ and ‘Spitfire’ are impressive though. So, while enjoyable, it’s not my favourite though they went down a storm with the crowd tonight. Maybe they’ll change my mind with their forthcoming album about the Welsh mining industry? 

7/11 Attended by George

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