The War On Drugs – The Usher Hall, Edinburgh– 28 Feb 2015

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The War on Drugs are an American band from Philidelphia … but really a vehicle for founder member singer/lead guitarist/writer/leader Adam Granduciel. I didn’t know much about them but was intrigued at the hype and thought a few songs I had heard were interesting.

Well they are good at what they do and a packed Usher Hall was right into them … but their soft thoughtful rock is not really my cup of tea. I happily stuck out the 2 hours including 5 encores … but the style of the songs was a bit samey and Adam’s delivery of vocals and guitar solos doesn’t have enough variety for me. Maybe the songs work better recorded and the last album got amazing reviews. I’ll give that a listen and maybe I’ll come round!

6/11 Attended by George, Neil and John

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