Kalamazoo KG-11 Guitar

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I’ve only gone and bought another new guitar!  Well new to me but it’s probably had a lot of owners since it was made by Gibson in Kalamazoo in 1938!  Of course I was inspired to find one of these by Anais Mitchell and they suit her style perfectly.  A few words of description below from an advert for another example –

‘This is the 1930s equivalent of a budget guitar. Not bad for a cheapo eh? Back in those days, Gibson were building guitars to such a high standard that the depression suffering public could not always afford the premiums charged. So the bods in Kalamazoo bashed their heads together and came up with a plan to make a budget range of guitars with a different branding. The Kalamazoo brand was born. This little beauty, the KG-11, is a lovely example of the type of quality we’re talking about here. It’s not even that far off the Gibson L-0 that it’s based on. It has a tone that has often been described as boxy, certainly bluesy, reminiscent of those 30s blues legends and the guitar tone they produced. There are a few knocks and dinks, but then how many things that are nearly 80 years old do you know that aren’t?’

I understand they sold for about $12 when they were first made!

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