Lotte Mullan – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh– 6 April 2015

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Don’t know why I decided to go see Lotte … she just showed up on Sneaky Pete’s website  and I was intrigued enough. Unfortunately not many other people were tempted on a Monday night.

Support Jazz Morley has a strong voice and interesting, melancholy songs. She knows this! I felt like saying ‘Cheer up hen!’, but obviously resisted.

Lotte is clearly a skilled crafter of songs.  Her singing and playing style is good but not really my cup of tea. I did enjoy the night though and lots of that was to do with Lotte’s in between song stories and explanations. Really funny and informative on the life of a songwriter.

Good luck and best wishes … I’ll keep an eye out for their future music careers.

6/11 Attended by George

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