Anaïs Mitchell – The Tolbooth, Stirling – 28 Nov 2014

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I only recently got Anaïs latest album ‘xoa’ but it’s so good it may well be my album of 2014.  Maybe since I’ve had more chance to listen to her albums and especially ‘xoa’ I enjoyed this show even more than the last time we saw her in February this year.

The Tolbooth is a really nice venue and theatre. I could tell that it gets a knowledgable, appreciative audience and we were all enthralled, firstly by support ‘This Is The Kit’ and then by the queen of modern American folk!  Anaïs has a special gift for melody, poetry and especially storytelling. Her latest release ‘xoa’ is just her and her guitar playing a selection of her best songs with a few new ones. Since I’d listened to it non stop for weeks, and this concert was near identical, I was obviously in the right mood to appreciate and sing along with every delightful nuance. Superb!

‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ has to be my favourite song of 2014 and most of my other favourites made the set including ‘Now You Know’ and ‘If It’s True’. First encore singing ‘Coventry Carol’ with Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) was lovely and Anaïs followed that with her now customary ‘Goodnight Irene’. Best gig of the year? … Yes indeed ! :o)

10/11 Attended by George & Karen

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