The Valeetahs – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh – 22 Nov 2014

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I first saw the Valves and The Cheetahs back in 1979 I think. Only at the Ross Arthur Band gig the night before did I discover their combined resurrection 35 years later as ‘The Valeetahs’!  Karen was a big Cheetahs fan so we made sure we didn’t miss this, and so glad too!

Valves Ronnie McKinnon (Guitar), Gordon Pada Scott (Bass) and Gordon Dair (Drums) were joined by Cheetah Joe Donkin (Vocals), Gordon McKinnon (Keys) and Fergus (Guitar).

I remembered the 3 Cheetahs songs better than most of the Valves and new ones they played but it was great to see the guys enjoying themselves and doing a good job of the songs too. A full house had turned out and were really into it so we had a great nostalgia blast, singing along at the tops of our voices! Great to chat to Joe and Gordon after, reminding Gordon of his time in AVO-8!

Will it happen again? See The Valeetahs on facebook here to find out! –

Attended by George & Karen

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