Peter Gabriel – Aberdeen Exhibition Centre – 8 Dec 2014

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I saw Peter on this same ‘Back to Front’ tour back in October 2013 and enjoyed that so much I thought it worth the long drive to Aberdeen for a reprise!  I’m glad I did since I had listened more to his music since and the set was more familiar and recognisable to me. The performance was also great and I was able to anticipate and appreciate it more.

The downside was a decidedly cool audience who took ages to warm up and contribute much to the atmosphere. Eventually they did though in time for the encores!  Great to see Jennie Abrahamson and Linnea Olsson again. Jennie is now one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and though I’ve seen her supporting and backing 7 times, I’ve yet to see her in concert in her own show … need to sort that in 2015!

Will Peter tour again, this one having been so long running and extensive?  If he does, I’ll be there!

8/11 Attended by George

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