Bob Log III – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 3 Nov 2014

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A drizzly Monday evening after a busy day and I didn’t really feel like a night out. Trust Bob Log III to blow my tiredness away and entertain the pants off a packed house in Sneaky Pete’s … I’ve not smiled, laughed and danced so much in ages!

‘Who is this Bob Log III’ I hear you say? Well that’s what I would have said a wee while ago. From Tuscon, Arizona, he was in a duo called Doo Rag but for the last 20 years now he has toured the world as a one man band. Dressed in a human cannonball suit and a motorcycle helmet with an old telephone receiver glued in as a mike, he is all wirelessed up so he can (and does) play from anywhere in the room, and outside! With raucous slide guitar, distorted vocals and both feet banging real and electronic drums it’s a big sound. See –

Starting playing from the dressing room, he played his first song moving through the busy crowd. For the 2nd song he had us all blowing up balloons, which he burst in time to the music. For the 3rd song he launched an inflatable boat on top of us and crowd surfed on his back in the boat all around the room, and against the ceiling, while still playing his song! What a start. The audience roared with approval and he just kept on pounding out his delta blues punk slide guitar madness. Brilliant!

The music doesn’t have much subtlety or variety, but that doesn’t matter ’cause he carries it off with his funny banter and boundless energy. A great laugh but he really gets everyone moving especially in his song where he plays with an audience member on each knee and still batters the drums! 11/10 for effort and sweat and I’m so glad I dragged myself out to see him … but maybe once is enough!

7.5/11 Attended by George & Andy  No videos yet so a couple from other shows below –

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