Steve Hackett – Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow – 25 Oct 2014

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What a weird, in a good way, gig! I’ve always been a huge (early) Genesis fan and saw Steve Hackett play a fine concert in Edinburgh in 2012. This gig was part of Steve’s ‘Genesis Extended’ tour with an entire set of a Genesis songs.

See the setlist below … A 2 hour run through the best of Genesis and lots of my favourite songs especially ‘Fly on a Windshield’ and ‘Firth of Fifth’. Great to Steve playing these again in a similar set to the unforgettable night when I saw Genesis back in 1977.

The niggle for me though was I couldn’t help thinking I was just watching a very good covers band. Though the songs were very well played, apart from Steve the band individually were just not as good as the originals, even though the brilliant keyboards player was amazing. The singer obviously tried hard, but is obviously no Phil Collins. Still … a really good, faithful/professional performance and a treat to hear such great blasts from the past.

Attended by George, Andy and Rick 8/11

Steve Hackett Setlist Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Scotland 2014, Genesis Extended 2014 World Tour

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