Ozric Tentacles – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 9 Nov 2014

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Not a band on my radar before this, but their 30+ years independent history and huge back catalogue (originally on cassette only) has contributed to their legendary status.  Worth  checking them out while I still can! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozric_Tentacles

Guitarist Ed Wynne is the only surviving original member with his wife Brandi on Bass and son Silas on keyboards. It’s the combination of the awesome Balázs Szende on drums and Brandi’s hypnotic bass that really drives their sound now, which has been labelled ‘Psychedelic’ or ‘Space Rock’, and that about sums it up (see video below).

Their 2 hour set comprises of long songs nicely supported by a brilliant psychedelic animated light show back drop … but it didn’t feel that long since they keep the grooves interesting and changing, even though I confess to zoning out now and again. Good stuff! Call me old fashioned though (‘You’re old fashioned’) but I like a nice tune, a melody, a nice bit of singing and a wee story as well …… OK, I’ll get my coat! :o)

7.5/11 Attended by George & Andy. Nice to meet Dario, Mike and Richard too.

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