Ane Brun – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway – 18 Oct 2014

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I couldn’t miss the chance to see my favourite Norwegian in her natural habitat during her solo ‘songs and rarities’ tour, and I was not disappointed! Last time I saw her was a fantastic night with a full band that blew Oran Mor away. This couldn’t have been more different  – a solo performance with a reverent and hushed sit-down audience too rapt to even drop a pin during the songs. This made for a recital like atmosphere leaving all the focus on her simple arrangements of new, old and rare songs … and that wonderful voice which is spellbinding in any environment!

Ane managed to fit in an amazing 23 songs (I counted later) … Great to hear some of my old favourites get an outing including ‘The Fall’ (joined by Alice Boman), ‘My Star’ and ‘Gillian’. She also does some pretty special covers too including my faves ‘Tunnels’ by Arcade Fire, ‘Big In Japan’ by Alphaville, topped by a stunning version of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ with a back projected virtual Linnea Olsson on Cello! I even saw Ane pick up an electric guitar for the first time (for me) to play ‘So You Did It Again’ and a brilliant version of ‘Changing of the Seasons’.

All in all a very memorable night, a full retrospective on her great career so far. So glad we went all the way to Oslo to see it which made it all the more special.

Attended by George & Karen 9/11

I hardly dared disturb the occasion with the odd camera shot, so I can see why no videos on YouTube. So a couple from other dates on the tour –

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