Fat Goth – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 29 May 2014

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Fat Goth ‘s album launch gig for the Dundee band’s  new album ‘100% Suave‘, which is getting well deserved rave reviews, and since I do like the album a lot I was looking forward to this.  I really enjoyed this set, particularly the new songs starting with the basstastic ‘Sin Altar’, and the best being ‘Class A’ and ‘Sweet Mister Scary’. ‘Classics’ like final song ‘Surf’s Down’ and encore ‘Debbie’s Dirty Harry’ went down a storm too!

Great playing and great energy from the guys, especially drummer Mark who is a blur of action as usual, but … (you guessed there was a but) … the sound was pretty dreadful. I like loud, which it was, but also pretty muddy and indistinct. Lucky I know the songs well, and it did improve a little bit, but still disappointing. Some would call for ear plugs … not me though ;o)

7.5/11 Attended by George, Andy, Douglas

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